Shit! The Elf!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

So I'm sat here while the baby is napping writing myself a list of ideas for our annual game of 'hide the elf' and it occurred to me that it might be nice to share the ideas. You never know, it might be useful to other people too.

If you're not familiar with the Elf on the Shelf it's basically a stuffed elf that arrives from the North Pole on 1st December and reports back to Santa every night on who's been naughty or nice. A festive spy! The fun bit is that he arrives back at your home each day in a different place and the kids have to find him.

We jumped firmly on board the Elf on the Shelf train last year. I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of it before and loved the idea so Figgy, as named by Dylan and Meryn, arrived with a bang and we had great fun. For the first few days. Then my lack of planning came back to bite me and I spent most evenings panicking and trying to come up with a funny/clever/festive hiding place for the bloody elf.

Fast forward 12 months and I'm going in prepared! Figgy, I'm coming at you with an arsenal of ideas, you little imp you.  

So here you go. You don't have to necessarily follow them in this order, but there's one for each day of December up until Christmas Eve. You're welcome ;)

1. Elf arrives with a token gift for the children and a letter from Santa. Last year the gift was their advent calendars, but the elf could also bring a new Christmas decoration for the tree, some festive PJs, or a Christmas book or DVD.

2. Elf makes friends with the other toys. Maybe he plays cards with Woody, or Monopoly with Barbie… 

3. Some of the toys are not so sure about the new addition. Elf finds himself gagged, taped to the wall and surrounded by a semicircle of toy soldiers. 

4. Elf makes himself spaghetti with maple syrup and sweets - a la Buddy the Elf.

5. Elf takes a shower.

6. Elf has a mini-marshmallow snowball fight with the other toys

7. Reuse those mini-marshmallows and Elf can take a toy bubble bath in them the following day.

8. Elf photocopies his bum. 

9. Elf gets locked out and is found peering in the window.

10. Elf turns up in a toy car with some passengers

11. Elf helps himself to the biscuit tin. Smear crumbs over his face and clothes for added authenticity.

12. Elf zip wires from the top of the Christmas tree to a light fitting/door knob/fixture in the room of your choice.  

13. Elf is caught helping himself to milkshake in the fridge (stripy straw optional).

14. Elf makes snow angels out of flour.

15. Elf spells out the number of sleeps until Christmas with Cheerios.

16. Elf tapes streamers or wrapping paper across the kids' bedroom doorways.

17. Elf does 'Frozen' and makes an Olaf from marshmallows. Insert optional note 'Do you wanna build a snowman?'. I predict this one goes down well!

18. Elf plays the games console or watches TV with another toy.

19. Elf brings a treat for the family pet.

20. Elf catches a cold travelling back and forth from the North Pole - find him in his sick bed surrounded by tissues and calpol sachets.

21. Elf draws Rudolph noses on family photos and is caught sharpie in hand.

22. Elf makes pancakes for breakfast (with mini ones for him).

23. Elf takes pictures of a toy Christmas party he has hosted and is found looking through the photos.

24. Elf writes 'I'll miss you' on a noticeboard / mirror / note and leaves a small parting gift.

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