♡ Little bits #13 ♡

Monday, 2 February 2015

1. Nap time cuddles with my mischievous little pug. He's such a busy little chap these days I treasure the moments when he just stops and gives me a hug.
2. I've turned into a bit of a stationery nerd. So sue me. I guess it goes hand in hand with the scrapbook thing, but it's developing into quite the addiction. My husband thinks I've lost it.
3. I've blogged about this perfect sandwich combo before. It has become my go-to, post-run pick me up. Packed full of good fats and protein and super-tasty to boot.
4. This little pickle has taken to waking up only 20 mins or so into his naps. Bad times. I think it's just a phase (I hope it's just a phase!). Good job he's cute.

5. Snaps from a lovely Sunday. Started with morning cuddles :)
6. Homemade almond croissants. I say homemade... I didn't actually make the dough (who has time for that!?), but I bought some ready to roll croissants and added thinly cut strips of marzipan (left over from Christmas). Top with flaked almonds and some icing sugar and they are waaay better than the shop bought version.
7. The perfect afternoon spent racing up and down sand dunes, climbing the coolest of trees and enjoying the winter sunshine.
8. Looking for Makka Pakka ♡

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  1. A super fun week! Love your diary :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx