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Friday, 27 February 2015

Our Netflix favourites

The boys are out rock climbing. Ayden is asleep (on time!). This calls for a girl's night. Me and my little lady, our favourite blanket, Krispy Kremes and the remote to ourselves. Perfection.

With a whole world of Netflix at our disposal, it's no easy task choosing a girl's night playlist. We toyed with Adventure Time, mused over My Little Pony and considered iCarly.

The brief? Girlie (Meryn and I are forced to watch a LOT of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Stampy), funny, magical and tolerable for a grown up (that was my stipulation).

Some of these might be new to you, some might be on regular rotation in your house, but here are our top picks for a girls night in.

The girlie one: Ever After High
Our choices were all pretty girlie, but Ever After High takes the glitter and fluff to a whole new level. And we love it! Set in a boarding school for the children of famous fairytale characters - Apple White, Raven Queen and (my favourite) Madeline Hatter. I think this one might be exclusive to Netflix; it started as a series of Youtube webisodes, so its great to be able to watch full episodes. Meryn doesn't have any of the Ever After High dolls, but I think they might feature quite highly on her birthday wishlist after this!

The funny one: Richie Rich
I loved the Macaulay Culkin movie Richie Rich as a kid. Millions of $$$ to spend on whatever you choose? What's not to love? When I saw that Netflix had commissioned a series by the same name, I had to give it a go. This one probably wouldn't have been top of Meryn's list, but she seemed to really enjoy it. It's a great choice for families to watch together.

The magical one: Care Bears
Another classic from my childhood and thankfully a firm favourite for Meryn too (and Dylan, not that he would ever admit it). Care Bears is just a joy to watch and it's just getting better with age. I'm devastated that I didn't keep my collection of Care Bears though... they would have been well loved by my three.

The tolerable one: Total Drama Island 
To be honest, I love kids TV so all of these are pretty tolerable for me. But Total Drama Island is a great choice if you want something that is genuinely hilarious for little people and grown ups alike. My husband has been known to laugh hysterically at many an episode. It's basically an animated spoof of TV survival shows, set in Camp Wawanakwa it follows a group of teenagers as they battle it out to survive the island retreat and score the $100,000 prize. Witty, great characters and very entertaining. 

What are your top picks for a night in with the whole family? Krispy Kremes are a given, natch ;)

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