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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Bobo Choses spring outfit

The slightest sniff of sunshine and I'm gone. Off into a daydream of ice-cream, picnics, flip-flops, Pimms and summer evenings on the beach.

I'm so done with being cold.

My wardrobe is pretty much monochrome year round. Although I will bust out the odd yellow dress, or bright strappy sandal, if I'm feeling fruity. My penchant for the black, white and greys means that most of my clothes will see me through from season to season, without too many new purchases. 

Translation: it's a good job I have a couple of half decent t-shirts and can still fit into last summer's skinny jeans cos I may or may not have blown any budget for my own wardrobe on amazing outfits for my kids. 

It's no exaggeration that their wardrobes are waaaay better than mine and this outfit is no exception. Bright, comfortable and full of personality. I love it.

Bobo Choses spring outfit

As usual, I sized up a bit so we can get plenty of wear out of each item. The sweatshirt and cropped trousers are by Bobo Choses and the sizing this season seems to be really generous on some pieces, so I think we'll definitely get two years of wear out of this. See, stylish and practical.

The adorable moccasins are by Buffalo and Bear. I love how comfortable they are for Ayden and easy to wear. He's a little hippie at heart (like his dad) and would prefer to be barefoot given half a chance. These are the next best thing. So good in fact, I have another two pairs on the way!

Now all I need is some sunshine and I can admire my little ones in their uber-stylish, on trend, rainbow of beautifully-made clothes. And I'll try not to dribble Pimms on last years' denim cut-offs :)


  1. Love how you dress him - it's so childlike and playful! I'm longing for my wee chaps to be big enough for Bobo Choses.