♡ Little bits #16 ♡

Monday, 2 March 2015

1. This little one loves nothing more than the opportunity to play ransack his big sister's room. He doesn't get to play in there often, so he's making the most of every second!
2. All kinds of awesome. Especially with chocolate chip pancakes and ice cream. You've been warned.
3. I'm really getting into my scrapbook. Sad, but true. I've finished the first few pages and I'm so happy with them. I'm planning to post my completed pages on here, if anyone would be interested to see them...?
4. Peepo! This handsome little man loves his new Bobo tee :)

5. Love this pic of my two beauties together. It's not often they stand still long enough for me to actually get a shot of them together. It was my lucky day to get this one! 
6. On my way to baby gym with this little pickle. He loves it. Free reign in a large padded room full of bouncy things, tunnels and stuff to climb. Ayden's idea of the perfect morning out.
7. Anything you can do... all Ayden wants to do at the moment is whatever I'm doing. Washing his hands and cleaning his teeth, helping me clean the kitchen floor (with a packet of baby wipes 🙈), hoovering... I guess I should be thankful for his enthusiasm. Plus, it's very cute.
8. Thrilled with our new moccasins from Buffalo and Bear. A great colour for spring/summer and soft on Ayden's tiny feet.

9. We're enjoying two more books from the BabyLit range this week. Keep your eyes peeled later this week for a new What we're reading post with more details.
10. Surf's up! Getting some practise in for summer :)
11. Love my beautiful girl in blue. It's a colour I don't usually think to dress her in, but this Bobo (yes, more Bobo!) sweater is adorable on her.
12. Hideous, hideous, horrible, awful run on Sunday. Zero motivation and legs of lead. My time was ok though. Every cloud... Let's hope it's a blip and I feel better next time I go. 


  1. As a recent finder of your blog and your social media account, I really do love them- your style is gorgeous and I think quite similar to mine. I loved the instagram about the run- I was in Center Parcs with friends at the weekend and I showed it to them and it made them chuckle too.

  2. Gorgeous!! Love those blue moccs - so beautiful :) Ooh the peanut butter topping sounds amazing!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

    1. Thanks Hannah - anything involving peanut butter gets my vote!x

  3. How on earth was I not following you on Instagram (have rectified this!)

    Stopping over from #TWTWC linky!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Hi Jenna - thanks for following me :) I've been over to check out your feed too and I love it. So nice to find new people to follow x

  4. Gorgeous pics, I want those moccs, I laughed at the running quote, I fit in the slow runners camp for sure. Great round up #ordinarymoments

    1. Thank you! Us slow runners have got to stick together ;)