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Friday, 6 March 2015

My Project Life scrapbook pages

I've spoken about my new hobby / irrational obsession before. My scrapbook. I've been squirrelling away bits and pieces (this is the irrational bit) to decorate it, along with the standard Project Life cards I had already bought. 

Meryn and I (because apparently I have to share it with Meryn. Rude!) have quite the collection of stickers, stamps, washi tape, pens, papers, cards and other cute bits and pieces. So, other than having next to no photos actually printed out, I'm all set to put our life in a book. 

First step was to go back through my thousands (literally) of photos from last year, select my favourites and order prints. Now they're here, I'm a bit overwhelmed at the size of the task ahead of me if I'm honest. 

I think the best approach will be to tackle a spread at a time, rather than trying to document last year month by month. This may take some time.

I decided to start with some generic pages to capture us as a family and each of the children individually, before going on to do our monthly pages. Here's how they turned out.

My Project Life scrapbook pages

My Project Life scrapbook pages

My Project Life scrapbook pages

I'm really pleased with the way the pages look. It's so nice to have photos printed out and organised; especially with things like baby scan photos. They've been stuffed in a cupboard for years and now I have them alongside details of each baby's birth and a photograph from their first day on the planet. 

I'm really excited to complete more pages and show them here. Now I just need a few hours to myself (haha!) to get on with it. 

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