The Ordinary Moments | dancing with daddy

Monday, 23 March 2015

These two spent the best part of half an hour dancing together round the kitchen to old Billy Joel songs yesterday. It was one of those moments. One I know I'll always remember and no doubt Meryn will too.

Ayden followed them around like a little shadow, but it was a real dad/daughter moment. Twirling her around like a little princess, while she giggled and clung on for dear life.

Being a big kid himself, my husband loves playing with the kids. Usually some kind of epic battle involving tickle torture, nerf guns and pillow fights. Real rough and tumble stuff, which Meryn loves just as much as her big brother. She's a pretty keen shot with the Nerf crossbow ;) 

It's not all missiles and combat though. We love a good old dance-off as much as the next family. Dylan can throw some mean shapes and Ayden has got his street dance moves down! 

These little snippets of an otherwise pretty ordinary Sunday are the moments I know I'll remember twenty years from now. Probably as I'm watching Dan twirling his granddaughter round the kitchen table to old Billy Joel songs.


  1. Oh this is beautiful Kate- these are the exact kind of moments you will want to remember. There is nothing more special than a relationship between Daddy and daughter. Exactly like you say, you will remember it in years to come. I love watching my husband with our girls so much. x

    1. Thanks Katie. It is such a special relationship. Hope your little one is feeling better now x