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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Ayden at Monkey Music

I've taken all three of my children to music classes as babies. I loved spending time with each of them individually and watching them learn something new every week.

Dylan, being my first baby, didn't just go to music class. He went to everything. Baby yoga, baby massage, sensory classes, baby gym; you name it, we did it. 

There were only 14 months between Dylan and his baby sister, so Meryn's social calendar was a little more limited. I soon learnt that a curious toddler and a newborn baby did not make for a relaxing morning out. We still went to toddler groups and soft play centres, but it was difficult to do some of the more structured activities.

Once Dylan started school, even though I missed him terribly, it was lovely to have one-to-one time with Meryn and take her to things I'd avoided when I had two little people in tow. There was usually cake involved and I loved our girlie days together. 

Ayden, with his big brother and sister in school every day, has plenty of time with me. Just like Dylan and Meryn he loves going to classes and interacting with other little people. Last week I was quick enough to take a photo of him totally transfixed by the music that was being played to him. It's rare for him to sit still that long!

I can still picture Meryn's little face, sat in music class, listening so carefully and loving every second of her quality time with me. And Dylan at toddler group, behind the bouncy castle trying to unplug it from the wall. Those special little moments! I never want to forget them.


  1. What lovely moments. I used to take my title boy to sensory classes and it was lovely having that one on one time with away from all the distractions at home! x

  2. Ah this is lovely and I completely resonate- we were the same- we went to every class, group and coffee morning under the sun with Mads- but no where near as many with LL. I often wonder what it would be like if I had a third- I can imagine it would go full circle and i would go back to the groups again! It must be lovely having that one on one time. x