What we're reading | the World Book Day edition

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Once again, I've left the World Book Day costumes to the very last minute. Every year I swear I'll be more organised. Nope. Not this time. Still flying by the seat of my pants, as usual.

That aside, we're definitely enjoying some great books this week. 

BabyLit The Jungle Book

Ayden is really into animals at the moment, so the BabyLit version of The Jungle Book is a firm favourite this week. It's bright, fun and gives plenty of opportunity for practising animal noises. Definitely one of our favourites from the range so far.

Around the World with Mouk

When I first saw this book I knew I'd heard of Mouk, but couldn't for the life of me work out where from. Turns out he's a french TV character. Actually, as I write this, I can vaguely remember the theme tune... hmmm. Anyway, he's a little bear who loves to travel the world with his buddy Chavapa, who I'm pretty sure is cat.

This is one of Meryn's favourites; it's part story book, part sticker book. You follow Mouk on his journey around the world and can join in the fun on each page with the reusable stickers. The pages are beautifully illustrated and packed full of cute details. Mouk visits 11 countries, so it's a great way to teach kids about different places and cultures. Another plus point, the pages are really thick and glossy, so can survive being 'read' by her baby brother. The book is pretty big too and looks lovely on display. 

Osborne Look Inside Your Body

Dylan is full of questions. Never ending questions. He's had this book for a while, but digs it out from time to time to answer any questions he may have about how the human body works. And there are a lot!

From your brain to your biceps, your eyes to your elbows, this book has it covered. The lifting flaps add a little extra interest for younger readers and the information is presented in a lighthearted and interesting way. I bought this when Dylan was five and he still enjoys it now, three years later. 

Hope this has given you some ideas on how to spend those World Book Day tokens. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a last minute costume to prepare...


  1. I need to get a copy of that Inside Your Body book, my little girl is obsessed with bones at the moment! Around the world with Mouk looks fab too, so colourful! x

    1. Both books are so lovely. I'd highly recommend. Mouk is particularly great because of the stickers - hours of fun! :) x

  2. Ooh I like the Mouk one with the stickers! The Madam is slightly too young, in that I think she will just try and eat the stickers but I'm sure she'll like it. It's good getting recommendations on books because I tend to go for the same ones over and over, or the ones I read as a child...thanks for sharing Bx