Ayden is two

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Yesterday, this beautiful little boy turned two. We had a lovely day playing with new toys, eating cake and ice-cream and celebrating at home.

Ayden's second birthday

I started doing a birthday interview for each of my little ones last year. Obviously Ayden is a little young to answer his own questions, so I thought I'd answer a shorter version on his behalf just to document his little personality as a new two-year old.

Favourite colour? As a huge TMNT fan, I'm thinking you're pretty keen on green. As far as you're concerned, anything green is a turtle! 
Favourite animal? Hmmm... turtle!?
Favourite book? We Belong Together, by Joyce Wan.
Favourite TV show? You love watching Strawberry Shortcake with your big sister, after school. You also love Twirlywoos, Care Bears and Dip Dap.
Favourite movie? Toy Story, hands down.
Favourite song? The theme tune to the TMNT movie, 'Shell Shocked'. We have to listen to it every day!
Favourite food? Mashed sweet potatoes, humous, strawberries, kiwis and Barney Bears.
Favourite drink? Water.
Favourite toy? Your big brother's turtle figures.
What did you do on your birthday? We spent the morning opening presents and playing with them. After lunch we went with nanny to get ice cream, before picking Dylan and Meryn up from school and having a birthday tea party at home. 

Happy birthday beautiful boy ♡

Birthday piñata cake

Birthday piñata cake

Birthday ice-cream

Second birthday presents

Birthday outfit - Cissy Wears, Hugo Loves Tiki, Bobo Choses, Buffalo and Bear

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