Insta-love | who I follow on Instagram

Friday, 17 April 2015

With over 600 feeds to choose from, narrowing my Instagram faves down to just five was no easy task. 

Instagram is my favourite social media platform, hands down. Interiors, food, fashion, beauty, kittens... it's got it all. I've discovered so many amazing brands and small businesses through Instagram and met some lovely mamas who inspire me daily.

There are dozens of accounts that I browse stalk on a daily basis, but these fabulous five are my faves at the moment.

Chloeuberkid, MummyDaddyMe, Tomanychildren
Dancewithdirtyfeet, Mariebitsandclips
clockwise from top left: Chloeuberkid, MummyDaddyMe, Tomanychildren,
Mariebitsandclips, Dancewithdirtyfeet

If you're into kids' fashion, amazing interiors and appreciate spot-on photography, you need to check out Chloe's feed. Mummy to four super-stylish little ones, her posts are flawless and so inspiring. Her children's' bedrooms are right up my street and have given me lots of ideas for Meryn's new room.

I've followed Katie's blog for a long time and enjoy reading about her family. Her Instagram feed is just as lovely. Katie's photos always tell a story, which I love. Her two beautiful daughters are always dressed to perfection and she's posted some great shots of her interiors projects lately too. I also have Katie to thank for getting me back into running. Her fitness posts on Instagram and her blog gave me the kick up the bum I needed to dust off the running shoes and get back out there.

Ness is Wonder Woman  I have no doubt about it. Mummy to 11 beautiful children, Ness' feed is full of photos of her lovely home and amazing family. She even manages to make her laundry pile look inspiring. From her spreads of delicious snacks for the kids, to her immaculate kitchen, beautiful brood and collection of pretty floral dresses, Ness' feed is a must-see for me.

I've followed Julie and Birdie's adventures for a couple of years now and they're just going from strength to strength. 'Monochrome magic' is a pretty good description of Julie's feed. Whether its photos of Birdie rocking the latest in black and white chic, to Julie's stylish home and her latest monochrome must-haves. Her posts are always effortlessly styled to perfection and just ooze cool. Just beware, Birdie has the power to convince you to buy that t-shirt she looks so adorable in for your own toddler... you've been warned. 

One of my newest insta-obsessions, but already a firm favourite. Marie is a YouTuber and I've followed her vlogs for a few years now; I'm so happy she's on Instagram. Marie is an inspiration in so many ways. Her outlook on life, no matter what it deals you, is so positive. Her beautiful family, vlogs and photos never fail to make me smile.

So what are you waiting for? Click that app and check them out. I promise you won't regret it. Any recommendations for great feeds to follow gratefully received too. And if you'd like to drop by and check out my feed, I'd love to see you :) 


  1. I'm still finding my feet with Instagram, only been on there a couple of months and slowly getting the hang of it. It's amazing what a difference the filters make to photos. x

    1. Once you're hooked, it's amazing. My favourite app by far x

  2. wow some amazing instagram pages here. Wish I was that talented!

    1. They really are inspiring. Love instagram :)

  3. I love tomanychildren as well! I don't know how that lady does it - she makes life in general look so easy, let alone when you add 11 children into the mix!

    1. Ness is amazing isn't she? Puts me to shame. Maybe if I spent less time on instagram, and more time organising my house.... hmmm....

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