10 steps to a happier me

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

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Grumpy days. We all have them. You wake up bloody miserable, for no apparent reason, and you can choose to wallow in it (pissing off anyone you come into contact with in the process), or you can come out fighting.

I tend to go for the latter option 99% of the time. I'm not a wallower and hate feeling grumpy, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve to lift me out of my funk. I don't do all of them - no one has time for that! - but doing one or two will keep me going 'til wine o'clock ;)

1.  Music. Nothing cheers me up like turning on my favourite playlist. Loud. And singing and dancing around the kitchen. Preferably with my little people dancing away alongside me. This Spotify playlist is a fail-safe option if you need to raise a smile, and fast.

2.  Food. Nothing too naughty. It'll only make me feel worse when the post-doughnut guilt sets in. But I do like to make myself something yummy to shake off the grumps. Plus, if I'm feeling miserable, it usually dawns on me that I've skipped a meal, which is probably half the problem.

3.  Lists. I'm not a natural organiser. Unless I make an effort, I'll just flit from day to day, remembering things at the last minute and forgetting a few along the way. Despite being my default setting, its something I dislike about myself and it makes me frustrated. If I take the time to make lists and plan my week I'm so much happier. 

4.  Bath. I'm a shower girl (no choice with three kids and only four minutes to myself each day in which to wash!), but I do love a good bath. Preferably with a Lush bath bomb, a glass of wine and a book. Zero to chirpy in 60 seconds.

5.  Giggles. No one makes me laugh like my husband. He's bloody hilarious and can cheer me up in no time. Listening to my babies giggling is just as effective though. Baby giggles could solve most of the world's problems surely?

6.  Friends. I left the house yesterday evening feeling pretty frazzled after a super-rushed bath/bed fiasco. Ten minutes into a cinema and ice cream date with my bestie and I felt like a new person.

7.  Yoga. At the risk of sounding really smug and annoying, yoga really does make me happy. I'd say running does too, but I bloody hate it. Until I get back... then I feel great. But yoga is something I enjoy before, during and after. It makes me feel significantly happier physically and mentally. I've said it before, but Yoga with Adrienne is amazing. Check her out :)

8.  Declutter. See point 3; I'm not a natural organiser. So yes, I have many drawers / cupboards / shelves that are in regular need of decluttering. Seriously, I don't know what happens to them! If I make time to tackle an area of my house, I feel way better afterwards. 

9.  Paint nails. As shallow as it may be, making the time to paint my nails makes me feel great. I may have hastily applied make up, a houmous-stained t-shirt and a bird's nest on my head, but at least my fingers look good.

10. Movie and cuddles. The no-brainer. Nothing cheers me up like curling up on the sofa with my little family, under a blanket, with a funny movie and a box of chocolates.

What do you do to cheer yourself up?


  1. Great list. I'm one of those annoyingly happy people, but I am also the mother of one grump and married to another. I wrote a letter to my daughter with a similar list. I think it worked. Did I mention I'm an optimist too? #BrilliantBlog

  2. Super list if it helps you that's great not really into lists thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  3. Food is always guaranteed to cheer me up! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky