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Friday, 22 May 2015

Netflix on the iPad

After yesterday's post about perfect picnic food and the lovely, sunny bank holiday weekend ahead, I appear to have cast some murky curse and the weather has done a swift u-turn.

So, by way of an apology, I thought I'd cover you in the event of a bank holiday washout. To fail to plan and all that...

Should it all go a bit wrong and a picnic isn't on the cards, I'll be tucked up under a blanket watching Netflix until the sun decides to make an appearance.

Sometimes you just fancy reminiscing over things you used to enjoy years ago. Your favourite breakfast cereal as a kid, an album that never left your tape deck, fluorescent cycling shorts and a crimped side-ponytail. Just me? 

We've discovered some retro gems on good 'ol Netflix for the whole family to enjoy. So, if you're stuck indoors and need a few hours distraction, look no further.

Lost in Translation. This doesn't feel like it should be a 'retro' choice, but it was released 12 years ago! Feels like yesterday (sigh). Watching this the other night took me back to my early-20s in an instant. This was, and still is, one of my favourite movies. A true classic.

3rd Rock from the Sun. I found this funny as a kid, but it's hilarious now. I expected it to be one of those series that's not as good as you remember it; but I find myself giggling away at all the jokes I was too young to understand the first time round. Brilliant.

Cinderella. Having recently taken Meryn to see the new Disney Cinderella movie at the cinema, we were thrilled to see this pop up on Netflix. We haven't sat down to watch it yet, but we're both excited to see the original animated version. Meryn hasn't seen it and I haven't watched it for years, so we'll be overruling the boys this weekend and curling up under the pink blankie to enjoy it.

Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style. Zack and Kelly. Slater and his pecs. Need I say more? Pretty sure I had this on VHS after taping it off the TV. Fairly certain I could recite the whole script... It's just as awesome as I remember it; though Dylan and Meryn didn't seem overly impressed. Pfft. What do they know?

* spot the pinkie in the photo above #fail


  1. I remember the fluorescent cycling shorts, oh so cool back in the day!
    I love Cinderella, it was my favourite film as a child, I spilt nail varnish remover over the video and ruined it and cried, and cried, and cried. If only back then I knew that one day I wouldn't need a video to watch it!
    P.S. loving the pinkie!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life Wales

    1. Well spotted Leanne! Wish I could get away with cycling shorts these days... kind of... ;)

  2. Ah, Saved by the Bell! I loved that show! And Lost In Translation is an awesome film. Great choices. xx

    1. Thanks :) Love watching things I haven't seen in ages. Brings back great memories x