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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Headspace app

We all have days where we need a little something to help take the edge off. There are three things that are guaranteed to chill me out if I'm feeling a bit frazzled. I haven't included wine, because that goes without saying. Obviously.

Walk. There are days when I'm feeling a bit lazy and can't be bothered to go anywhere, but you can bet that by the end of the day I'll be feeling irritable. I've realised that even a short walk around the block makes me feel so much better; particularly if I walk past the sea. Something about the fresh sea air and stretching my legs just calms my mind and makes me happy.

Meditate. I seem to struggle with prioritising things, unless I make lists and organise myself. I thought meditation might help my to organise my mind and I like the idea of being more focussed and productive. I discovered the Headspace app a while ago and found it really good. The style is very relaxed and informal. Nothing cheesy about it at all. Just matter of fact relaxation and mindfulness techniques that make meditation a bit more accessible. The Calm app is another good one. It allows you to chose a background sound (rain, flowing water etc) which I quite like and you can choose how long you want your session to last, from 2 to 20 minutes, which helps if I haven't got a lot of time to spare.

Spikes. Bear with me on this one. I haven't gone all '50 shades' on you, I promise. I was sceptical at first. My husband thought I'd lost it. He still does, truth be told. But I spotted an acupressure mat while wandering around Tiger a few months back. It was under £10 so I thought I'd give it a go. I'd heard about these Bed of Nails mats before, but didn't want to spend £50 on one. Good job I didn't because this version works brilliantly. Basically it's a mat covered in hundreds of tiny spikes which work in a similar way to acupuncture needles, helping release endorphins and oyxtocin, to help you stay calm and relaxed. I can't guarantee it would do anything for you (my husband hated every second), but it works wonders for me.

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