3 things I need

Thursday, 4 June 2015

I need it

Ok, this should really say '3 things I'm obsessing over', but I prefer the first one.

I read a lot of blogs, so the temptation is real people. Plus, I'm pretty gifted at convincing myself I can't live without something. Not a great combination.

Olympus PEN E-PL7

First up, this camera. Since starting my blog I've fallen in love with photography. I mostly rely on my trusty iPhone camera, which isn't ideal. It's done the job so far, but I want more. I have very few hobbies (at least not hobbies I actually get to do regularly), so I'd love to learn more about photography and, well, get better at it.

Oysho leggings

I try to do yoga as often as possible. My current yoga outfit is a pair of ancient, baggy (in all the wrong places) watermelon PJ bottoms from Primark and an old breastfeeding bra top. Glamour and grace, that's me. These little Oysho beauties are reasonably priced (£25.99) and would make me feel a little more yoga goddess, a little less inflexible disaster.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

This Sunday Riley overnight face oil has been popping up all over my Bloglovin' and Youtube feeds lately. Promising firmer, clearer skin and smaller pores, as well as boosting radiance, I was instantly intrigued. Skincare queen Caroline Hirons has been singing its praises, saying she noticed a difference after just one use. That's good enough for me!


  1. I find since I've become a mum, I very rarely treat myself.... but sometimes, I think we need to have a little treat to remind ourselves we're more than just a mummy. I love those yoga pants. I teach yoga and am in desperate need of some new yoga clothes. Might just have to go shopping.... x

    1. I couldn't agree more :) The yoga pants are great aren't they? Haven't caved yet... but I give it 24-48 hours before I do!x

  2. Oh I too really really want an Olympus Pen camera - love the look of them. Those yoga pants look pretty awesome too

    Laura x

    1. Thanks Laura. The camera is v cool isn't it :) x

  3. Have you got the face oil? Have you, have you? IS IT GOOD? I neeeeeed it too!