♡ Little bits #27 ♡

Monday, 22 June 2015

Little bits of our life

1. Beach treasure hunting. She mostly found cuttle fish bones (which are the inner spiney-thing of a bloody squid! I never knew this. Ew.) and seaweed, but she couldn't be happier.
2. Something about watermelon makes me very happy.
3. Meal planning again. It's going well so far and I'm actually sticking to it. Yay me!
4. This little face! I could squish it!

Little bits of our life

5. Distracting myself from the fact that Dylan is on a (far too long, in my opinion) coach journey for his school trip by playing with this little pickle in the park. Turns out, I needed sun screen for our hour in the park that morning. Ouch.
6. Gearing myself up to get back out there by compiling my ultimate 'rock + run' playlist
7. Waking me up with a smile :)
8. This was a good lunch day.

Little bits of our life

9. Chief sports day spectator.
10. A very merry unbirthday to me. Turns out these taste very little of birthday cake and a lot like your bog standard M&Ms. Very tasty nonetheless.
11. Talking all things happy in celebration of the finest day of the week.
12. Remembering my wonderful dad on Father's Day. He was the greatest.

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