Meal planning #3

Monday, 29 June 2015

There's a lot of chicken planned for our meals this week. Mostly because I have some in the freezer that I keep meaning to use up. Also, my friend told me about Rice Krispie chicken and I have to try it. She makes it for her son and apparently it's too good just for kids. I'll report back.

So here's this week's meals. What do you have planned?

✚ Chicken and broccoli penne alfredo
✚ Sweet potato and black bean quesedillas, with roasted brussel sprouts and feta
✚ Rice Krispie chicken, salad and jacket potatoes
✚ Homemade cod and bacon fishcakes, with tenderstem broccoli  
✚ Red thai salmon fillets, with quinoa and salad
✚ Tuna nicoise salad, with asparagus and sweet potato
✚ Hot dogs and s'mores on the beach (got to make the most of this heat wave!)

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