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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Running playlist

There's no two ways about it. I've been slacking. After a pretty impressive (for me) start in the new year, I have been successful in finding every excuse in the book as to why I can't run as regularly any more. 

I'm really cross with myself about it, because I was doing so well. I was much fitter, noticing real physical and psychological benefits. And, even more strange, actually enjoying it.

Now the days are longer and the weather is better, I really have no excuse. It's time to dust off those running shoes, charge up the iPod and get back out there.

A few months ago I put together a playlist of rock tracks that really works for me. It's just the right length for the days I want to push myself, a great balance of classic tracks that make me want to do a little air punch mid-run (seriously, I have done that once!), plus a couple of more chilled out tracks in the middle followed by some belters to get me going when I'm starting to flag.

If rock music is your thing, you might find this useful too.

What music do you like to workout to?

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