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Monday, 8 June 2015

One Direction tickets

Saturday was a big day for Meryn. Her very first concert. And it was a biggie. One Direction at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

I remember my first concert so clearly. Rewind to 1991, slap on a pair of fluorescent cycling shorts, grab my hair crimpers and I'm back at the Birmingham NEC, gazing adoringly at Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. I was going to marry him.

Twenty-four years later and I find myself in a weirdly similar situation (far superior choice of husband aside). 

One Direction concert

Meryn has been waiting patiently since her birthday in December for this day to come. I'm not entirely sure she really knew what to expect. She definitely didn't realise how loud it would be - even though I'd warned her - and couldn't understand why the bigger girls were screaming and crying when she was having so much fun.

Her eyes were like saucers, taking in all the flashing lights, fireworks and big screens. She saved her biggest smiles for Harry, loved her first mexican wave, but didn't think much of McBusted.

Despite being very excited to see One Direction in real life, and dancing along to her favourite songs, it was definitely a bit much for my little seven year old. A few songs before the end she was well and truly ready for bed. Within minutes of reaching the car to drive home she was snoring. Her flashing headband flickering away, while she snoozed in the back seat.

Me and my girl


  1. Oh bless her! I cannot wait to do things like this with Mads, she is a huge one d fan but I am worried it would be a bit much for her at the moment. Sounds like you had a lovely first concert together- my first one was backstreet boys haha! x

    1. It was probably a bit early for Meryn to be honest. She definitely got very tired towards the end. But I'm glad we went and we had a lovely day :) Love a bit of the Backstreet Boys ;) xx