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Monday, 1 June 2015

Cousins playing

Every week I scroll through my photos from the last seven days and think about the moments that have stood out for me. It's not hard to find a special moment from each day (although finding a good photo to go with it can be more of a challenge!) and linking up to the lovely Katie's blog each week has become something I really look forward to.

As I thought about what to write about for The Ordinary Moments this week, it made me wonder, what are the moments that stand out for them? What makes everyday life that little bit more exciting, special and happy for my three beautiful children?

I'm pretty sure it's not the things that I stress about, like making sure their shoes are clean, that they eat enough fruit and get to sleep on time.


At a guess I'd say that stroking Dylan's back every night before he goes to sleep is one of the things that stands out for him each day. Dylan is full of energy, bouncing off the walls, making more noise than the rest of us put together. All day, eeeveryday. But, for those five quiet minutes before we say goodnight, he is still. I scratch his back for him and he turns to mush. 


Meryn loves to talk. Like, a lot. It's very funny - she can witter on about what usually turns out to be absolutely nothing, for an outstanding amount of time. I'm usually so busy that I do the obligatory "hmmm, yes. Mmm-hm" instead of really listening. And I feel really guilty about it. For Meryn, the special moments are when I stop doing things and really listen. The other night, I lay in her bed for our usual cuddles and I didn't rush off to tidy or make dinner. I just lay with her while she told me about her day. In great detail. Then she read her book to me. 


Being two is tough. A whole world of "don't touch that", "no, Ayden" and "don't climb the dog!". But Ayden is so loved. Dylan and Meryn idolise him. I knew they'd love him, of course, but I never imagined how much. It makes me so happy just to see them all together. He loves his time with me every day, but he seems to come to life when we're all together and he's in the middle of it all. From a really young age, he just lit up when there were lots of people to play with, cuddle and climb. He especially loves it when his cousins come to stay. Extra people to make a fuss of him! He loves it when we all sit around the dinner table together and he can chat away to everyone. He likes to be bossy too and will often toddle off and demand that they all come to the table for food. 

These are some of the moments that make their days extra special, I think. Come to think of it, they're some of my most special moments too. 


  1. Aw, I love this post! I often wonder the same. I also panic they'll remember being told off so feel really guilty when I do!x

    1. I yelled at Dylan this morning and felt awful afterwards. Mummy guilt is relentless :( But I made up for it with an extra long back tickle at bed time! x

  2. Ah, you more than redeemed yourself!x

  3. Awww I love all of these photos, what a beautiful post #ordinarymoments

  4. Such gorgeous photos. It's amazing how much difference actually stopping and listening to them properly, with your undivided attention, can make to them and to us as mummies. A lovely reminder. xx

  5. It's really good to think about what they find special. I know i need to listen to my son and his constant jabbering more so that he feels listened to. I am so aware that i say far too many "in a minutes". Meryn is a beautiful name (and girl) btw!!!! Xx