♡ Little bits #30 ♡

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

1. Overcoming little fears is exhausting. A well-deserved nap after conquering his fear of swimming.
2. Pizza with my lovely niece. 
3. If he's rocking a man bun, he means business.
4. Living on the edge.

5. Two'nage Mutant Ninja Ayden.
6. Out strollin'. He loves being able to run free without having to worry about the road and cars. Even better if we're heading towards the beach!
7. My beautiful little lady off to a beach party.
8. I made this little video all about us.

9. "I a lucky boy, mummy". Enjoying our last day just the two of us before the start of the summer holidays.
10. My handsome boy sporting his first short hair cut.
11. My littlest and my biggest ♡
12. Making the most of the sunshine while it lasts.

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