Corners of Meryn's room

Friday, 28 August 2015

This room wasn't originally intended to be Meryn's room but, with all the work going on in our house, she moved in temporarily about a year ago and is still there!

It will eventually be a playroom. An extra space for the kids to go and somewhere to house the plethora of plastic piff we've accumulated over the years. It also happens to be one of my favourite spaces in the house. Even though, like everything else, it isn't finished yet.

It's at the top of the house so gets the most light. Plus, because we painted it white, it feels so light and airy. There's something very tranquil about a bright, white room, I think. Even when its full of toys.

I love having a little reading corner in each of their rooms. Some of their books are so beautifully illustrated, they're almost like little pieces of art in themselves, so I like to display them.

I've got a real thing for retro toys. I love seeing my children enjoy playing with things that I used to love as a child myself. I had one of these Monchichi monkeys when I was about Meryn's age and it went everywhere with me! Meryn loves hers just as much. 

Santa brought Meryn a doll house a few years ago. It's one of those things that she doesn't touch for ages, then I'll come upstairs and find her and Ayden sat together on the floor playing with for hours. She loves to arrange all the furniture and characters perfectly. Ayden loves to un-arrange them. Perfect working relationship?

The world map is one of my favourite things in Meryn's room. I picked it up a few years ago at a bargain price. I originally had my eye on a vintage school map on eBay (for almost four times the price), but this one is just as lovely. We have friends and family living all over the world, so it's nice to be able to point out where they all are.

Miffy is a real talking point in Meryn's room. All her friends love her and she's the perfect night light. A little pricey, but I think we'll enjoy her for many years to come. 

My husband built the unit Miffy is sitting on to store toys and we haven't got around to painting it yet. I think we'll paint it white, so it blends into the wall a bit more, but I love having a space to display books and some of Meryn's toys.

Another thing we haven't got around to yet is blinds for the windows. With light flooding in to the top of the house first thing in the morning, you'd think that would have been first on our list. Luckily Meryn is a good sleeper and it doesn't seem to wake her any earlier than usual. But some VELUX blinds are definitely on my list of things to purchase to finish the room off. 

Even though there are still a few things left to finish in this room, it's definitely one of my favourite places in the house. I even hide up there myself for a bit of peace and quiet sometimes. Ssh. Don't tell anyone!

* This post was sponsored by Velux Blinds. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Seems like a fab room! It's so cute. I love how bright is is due to it getting so much light. I'm sure i'd be hiding up there too lol. x

  2. This is a beautiful room, I love a nice white, airy room.
    The little touches like the garlands and bunting make it so pretty.

  3. Lovely room. We're thinking of replacing the curtains with blinds because the curtain rack is regularly pulled off!

  4. Love the zebra print! Very unusual! Blinds are a must for my children's rooms. Black out blinds are brilliant! x

  5. This is so lovely. We have the Roald Dahl cushion and I've always wanted the stacking rainbow toy! Love the toadstools too x