5 unlikely toddler tantrums

Friday, 11 September 2015

It struck me the other day that the vast majority of things that my toddler loses his shizz over are pretty daft.

As parents we soon come to realise that small people are anything but rational, but there are times when even the most seasoned Tantrum Diffusion Squad can be taken by surprise.

Time to get back in the pram. Tantrum. Dropped his ice-cream. Tantrum. Standard tantrum-inducing practises that we all have to deal with. These we can handle and, with a little bit of bribery, can move on pretty swiftly. 

But these... these are uncharted territory, my friends. These are the unknown tantrums. I don't see them coming and, if I were a better parent, I would know how to deal with them. As it goes, I mostly laugh in total shock and disbelief.


1. I opened his mini milk for him. Now, one would think this was a nice thing to do; given the fact that he can't physically open his own mini milk and he clearly wants to eat it pretty urgently. Turns out I may as well have presented him with a shit on a stick.

2. The blue crayon is blue. He wanted green. He could reach the blue one. It let him down. Carnage.

3. He got himself wedged between the sofa and the cabinet, called for help, seemed pretty distressed by the whole situation. I helped him out. My bad.

4. Controversial it may be, but I wish I loved anything as much as my toddler loves his willy. It's getting ridiculous. With two boys, I knew the fascination would become an issue at some point; I just didn't count on having to put Ayden's twig and giggle berries back in his nappy half a dozen times every night before he falls asleep. He's never happy about the intervention. Surprisingly.

5. I stopped the dog from eating the chicken dipper he dropped on the floor. Now usually, I get a "thank you", a smile, at the very least a nod of approval for rescuing a piece of Ayden-approved food from the floor before the labrador can get her greedy chops on it. But every once in a while, you know, to mix it up a bit, this is not the right move. No siree. On these occasions I am supposed to have realised that dropping a dipper on the floor was, in fact, a calculated move on Ayden's part. And my stepping in to retrieve said dipper.... no. Just, no.

What unlikely tantrums have your little ones delighted you with this week? Please share. Help another mother out. How else will we stay one step ahead of these tiny geniuses!?


  1. Great article! My tantrums come from teenagers - this week thus far has seen the not enough pocket money strop (Mum you're so tight, everyone gets more money than me) & the why can't I stay out later moan (because 9pm is plenty late enough - right?)
    Keep on doing what you're doing, it'll be fine I promise. xo

  2. It makes me laugh so much that toddlers have tantrums over the smallest little things! I was a terrible toddler/child and always had them, we have so many home videos of me having a sulk and throwing my mum dirty looks because I hadn't got my own way :/

    C x | Lux Life

  3. Ya...it is super frustrating when they freak out over nothing. My kids all do that thing where you had them something they've asked for & for some unknown reason they are appalled by it! Totally unexplainable but luckily they all grow out of it!! x

  4. ha ha kids are funny little creatures arent they! i do love watching their thought processes.

  5. Haha I know all these 'unknown' tantrums, you have obviously got your hands full!

  6. Oh this made me chuckle! Pickle currently has a melt down if I am not going where he wants to go - which is pretty much all day every day! Kaz x

  7. This is hilarious and sounds juts like the tantrums that go down in our house! Clearly we're raising a bunch of highly-strung divas! xxx