This month I love | matcha green tea

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A few weeks ago, inspired by numerous food and healthy lifestyle bloggers, I ordered a pot of Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea. The rest is history. This stuff is amazing!

I've been drinking it pretty much daily and can definitely feel a difference since introducing it to my diet. 

Matcha tea is basically pimped-up green tea. Instead of steeping the leaves in water, the whole leaf is ground into a fine powder, which means you're getting some serious immune-boosting, stress-reducing benefits. With 137 times the antioxident levels compared to a conventional cup of green tea, it packs a serious punch. It also performs in the energy boosting department and this is where i've noticed the biggest results. 

I tend to drink a matcha latte just after my lunch. I mix a teaspoon of matcha powder with half almond milk and half water, add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten and pop it in my nespresso milk frother to heat and whisk. I would say you definitely need a whisk of some description, a small handheld milk frother like this is ideal, as it would be difficult to get a smooth texture without one.

It's also said to have weight loss benefits, in terms of boosting your metabolism. I haven't seen any evidence of this yet, but it's still early days. It certainly curbs my appetite in the afternoon though, which is no bad thing. Mid afternoon munchies, be gone!

Ok, so it doesn't taste quite as good as a flat white with sugar... but then, I never expected it to. It is pleasant to taste though. I haven't tried adding it into smoothies yet, but I'm enjoying it as a latte so don't feel the need yet.

I even convinced Mr Sceptical himself (my husband) to try a matcha shot before a run and he knocked almost five minutes off his normal time! Not so sceptical anymore... 

Have you tried matcha tea? Let me know what you think if you have.


  1. I love green tea but haven't tried this one yet. Will defo get some ready for when I need to lose my baby weight. It's a great metaboliser x

  2. I'm a green tea lover, I have read many good things about matcha but have yet to try it. I think I will now having read this.

  3. I've not tried this before but really should! I'm not a problem of milky tea but I imagine this tastes different to most teas!
    I've seen people using this with food too, which is probably the route I would go down.

  4. I have never tried matcha tea but it sounds like a super food! Boosting metabolism is a great thing, I'll check it out, thanks x

  5. I have never tried green tea but think I need to as I want to go on a bit of a detox and green tea seems great as part of this. This brand looks great though with the extra thought been put in to it and having extra goodies for the body too

  6. I hear such good things about green tea but don't ever think to buy some. Its really interesting that there seems lots of health benefits.

  7. I've heard lots about this but am unsure if I'd like the taste. Maybe I'd try a latte like you. I guess there's only one way to find out!

  8. I am afraid I am not a green tea lover, but I have read how good it is for you. I too am unsure of the taste. Kaz x

  9. I have tried matcha green tea but I find it's an acquired taste. I have to be in the right mood!