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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Does anyone else think that time is being sped up? It's like someone is sneakily winding the clocks forward by a day or two while I'm asleep. It's bloody ridiculous. It was only Christmas a few weeks ago surely!

This sneaky time winding behaviour means I haven't posted one of these updates for a while. Not that we've been up to much really. I'm still reeling from the whole 'back to school' horror.

Anyway here's a few photos of the last few weeks in our lives.

1. This little lady could spend hours collecting pebbles and looking for 'crystals' at the beach.
2. Loving Matcha green tea right now. Tastes like leaf, but has so many amazing benefits, I'm willing to overlook it ;)
3. I've managed to break at least half of my back to school resolutions so far. Best laid intentions and all that...
4. This little man makes me so happy.

5. Check me out. I made peanut butter fudgsicles!
6. That smile! 
7. Currently trying to convince my husband that we need to go to DisneyWorld next year. Wish me luck!
8. Opting for slump-free snacking at the moment. Well, I'm trying to at least. I notice such a difference when I ditch the junk.

9. A view like this makes a morning run that little bit more enjoyable.
10. To, me. Love, me x.
11. Mix and match trail mix. Perfect for easy after-school snacking.
12. Photobomb!

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