We met Father Christmas at Hamleys

Thursday, 3 December 2015

If you could have picked any one person to read you a bedtime story as a child, I'm guessing Santa would have been pretty high on the list. My three children were lucky enough to have that opportunity when we were invited to meet Father Christmas at Hamleys toy store in Cardiff. 

With three children to consider, when I decide where to visit over the Christmas period, cost per head is obviously a factor. I also want to be sure that the experience is as magical and authentic as possible. 

I had high hopes for Hamleys. After all, meeting Father Christmas in one of the country's finest toy stores... what could be better?

We arrived at the store, excited and feeling festive, and were met by a group of elves who had us all singing Christmas songs and taking 'elfies' in no time. 

They led us through the store to Santa's grotto, singing all the way. The doors opened and we were shown into a beautifully decorated room, filled with toys, a cosy fireplace and a party table. The children were seated for food and there was plenty to go around, so everyone had chance to fill their tummies before meeting the man himself.

The elves spent a while chatting to the children, building their excitement and asking them what they would like for Christmas. Then, after an enthusiastic rendition of Jingle Bells, we were all delighted to see Santa himself appear at the door.

After saying hello to everyone, Santa took his seat by the fireplace to read the children a story. They all sat in awe and it was lovely to see.

This was followed by a few games and songs, before the moment everyone was waiting for - their chance to meet and have their photo taken with Santa. 

While the children waited to meet Santa, they were able to make their own Christmas crackers and cards, which was a nice touch and prevented having to wait in line for their turn. 

Finally, they were each given a wonderful goodie bag containing a Hamleys Christmas teddy bear, a reindeer tree ornament, a large bar of chocolate, a full packet of crayons and a colouring book. 

Although not the cheapest option for meeting Santa this Christmas (at £25 per child), I think you get a lovely experience for your money. Plenty of time with Santa himself, a great goodie bag for each child to take away and an overall feeling of the festive warm and fuzzies. 

You can meet Father Christmas at Hamleys throughout December  Full details can be found on the Hamleys website.


  1. That looks great and although a little more expensive I like having an experience as opposed to a quick in and out. Looks like the children enjoyed it too.

  2. Oh what a magical place to meet Santa!! We visited Hamleys when we were in London - it's an amazing toy store! I love that this experience is intimate & that the children get to make things while they wait for their turn. That's makes all the difference! What an amazing goodie bag to receive as well. x

  3. This looks like an amazing and fabulous experience and I loved the pictures! Thanks so much for sharing!


  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun and I like that you took lots of 'elfies' [ I am so stealing that phrase!]. It looks magical and I like that Santa was not camera shy!

  5. That does look like good fun! My kids have never wanted much to do with Santa when they have met him so I think more time and a more relaxed environment like this would be perfect for them.

  6. Sounds like great fun for the kids and you too, I think £25 is not too bad since some places are charging £75 per child to sit on santa's lap and listen to your wishes.

  7. It looks amazing and as you say, for the experience and goody bag, it's a fair price. I must take my boys to London one Christmas to experience a proper santa visit.

  8. This sounds lovely and great that they have the extra activities while you wait. Some places seem to charge so much to meet Santa that that doesn't seem too pricy, especially considering where it is.

  9. Oh wow it really looks amazing, how authentic and magical does it look on your pictures. We have a Hamleys locally and I definitely will be checking out if they are doing anything for next year as my son would love this. Thank you for sharing.

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