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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

These two little beauties are the best of friends. Wherever Meryn goes, Ayden follows close behind.

Most of the time, this is adorable. But ever so often, it leads to chaos. Baking is one of those times.

Flour everywhere. Dog 'hoovering' sugar off the floor. Ayden determined to help by removing a spoonful of flour off the measuring scales every time Meryn puts one on. You get the gist.

Experience has taught me, when it comes to baking with kids, my inner control freak will try to intervene. This never ends well. Just try to ignore the chaos, surrender all hopes of a perfectly frosted cupcake, remember that it only takes a minute to hoover the floor afterwards, take a deep breath and.... bake!

After this particular bake-off we ended up with a dozen pretty damn tasty welsh cakes. They're the perfect kid-friendly cake to make. Everything can be done by hand and it's not too complex. It also helps that they're not the most exciting cake to look at even when made perfectly, so we stood a fighting chance of ending up with something that half resembled an actual welsh cake.

I dread the day they don't want to stand in the kitchen and make a bloody mess bake cakes with me. So I treasure these little moments of chaos. After I've hoovered of course.

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  1. Ah I love that they are thick as thieves- just like my two. I must admit I don't bake enough with my girls as I find it quite a stressful experience and they normally get board after two minutes! x