Grass-less garden inspiration

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

You'll never guess what happened this weekend. The sun came out! I know, right? For the first time in what feels like years, I could see hints of spring. And I'm ready. I'm done with winter. So naturally my thoughts turned to dinner al fresco, evenings sat outside with a glass of wine, picnics and BBQs in the back garden.

But there's one small problem. We live in a swamp. For the past couple of years, the grass in our back garden has been deteriorating to the point where it's more mud than lawn. We've tried to rescue it, but the combination of relentlessly rainy months and a clumsy old labrador who has a penchant for chasing cats, means that it never really stands a chance. So I've turned to the internet for grass-less garden inspiration. At first I wasn't keen to get rid of the grass, but I've found so many garden ideas online which show that you can create pretty outside spaces that feel green, without grass.

These are some of my favourites so far.

Bowden House : Minimalist garden by Aralia
Moule : Mediterranean style garden by Rupert Till
Garden In The Sky : Industrial style garden by Cool Gardens Landscaping

I always felt like you needed grass in the garden to make it feel inviting and for the kids to play. But actually, our manky old grass has stopped us from using the garden in the way we'd like. 

I like the idea of mixing different textures and materials to create interesting areas outside. We've never really used much exterior lighting before and I think it can make the world of difference, so I'd love to use lights in trees and along borders. Plus, I can't wait to get rid of our old beat-up Ikea garden furniture. We've had it for years and it's beyond tatty! I'm picturing a stylish seating and dining space, that's beautifully lit and feels like an extension of our home. 

For once, the kids would be able to really use the back garden. To ride their bikes and scooters, run around and play without getting really muddy. 

I'd love some more garden inspiration, so if you've decided to ditch the grass or can point me in the direction of some cool garden Pinterest boards let me know :)

* This is a collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Sadly we don't have a garden but would love one. I love the ideas for a grassless garden and it would be much easier not having to worry about mowing the lawn lol x

  2. We unfortunately don't have a garden. But when we do I think we would like faux grass. I really like ur inspiration photos of gardens with no grass though.

  3. I would adore for my garden to look like this, but I literally have no time to maintain it - we put grass back in after the boys were born because we had stones and they were picking them up and putting them in their mouths... ew. H x

  4. Our garden needs a major overhaul. I feel lucky to have one, though. Those lanterns are so lovely!

  5. It really is such hard work looking after grass. We have a big garden which is almost all grass and it needs cutting all the time and feeding to keep it nice and green. A grassless garden would be fb but not practical for the kids. LOVE the top picture. x

  6. I really like the first picture! So simple but really nice! I can't wait for the summer to arrive, I love going and sitting in the garden after work just enjoying the sun and having bbq's mmm! X

  7. what gorgous outdoor spaces. we have loads to do in our garden and i needed some inspiration so thank you xx

  8. I am totally with you on getting rid of the grass. We are doing just that also. I cannot wait to design our garden and actually not have to cut the grass any more haha!

  9. ooh I love the look of that! We are actually getting someone to come and astroturf our garden as we can't even keep grass alive!! x

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