Ohana means family | our Florida adventure

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Walt Disney World in Florida is my happy place. There's no doubt about it. I have such wonderful memories of holidays there as a child and taking my own family there is just a dream come true.

It didn't disappoint. We spent two weeks exploring all the Disney parks, with a couple of days at Universal Studios.

It's hard to say what my highlights were. Magic Kingdom has my heart; as soon as I step onto Main Street, nothing is going to wipe the smile from my face. The music, the buildings, the characters... I just love the whole thing. I'll never forget the kids' faces spotting all the Star Wars characters at Hollywood Studios, plus the fireworks there were just incredible. 

We spent a lot of time exploring some of the other Walt Disney resort hotels. Some of them are out of this world. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside, a moderate Disney resort, which was very pretty and has a lovely, relaxed atmosphere; but the luxury resorts are out of this world. One of my favourite evenings was sat on the beach at the Polynesian Resort, eating pizza, watching the kids play on the sand with new friends and the Magic Kingdom fireworks across the water. 

It really was a magical holiday; only problem is, I'd go every year given half a chance (and a lottery win!). So until I come across that winning ticket, I'll relive our amazing holiday through the videos and photographs I took. I'll be the one weeping nostalgically in the corner, wearing Minnie Mouse ears and clutching a Mickey waffle.