Goodbye Summer | Our Good Life Experience

Thursday, 22 September 2016

I feel quite emotional saying goodbye to summer this year. Autumn is my favourite season, and I always look forward to the cooler nights snuggled in front of the fire, but the summer months seem to have disappeared so fast.

We made the most of it though. Lots of time outdoors, camping, beach days and last weekend we said our final farewell to summer at our first family festival.

Picture a farm filled with hay bales, pumpkins, rows of bell tents, fairy lights, music, smiling faces, campfires, food, fun. The Good Life Experience was everything I imagined would define 'the good life' and so much more.

We sung, we danced, made bows and arrows from sticks and rope, listened to a male voice choir which gave me chills and tears at the same time. The kids had hay fights with new friends, ate ice cream, stayed up late dancing in a tent, rolled down hills, made flower crowns, laughed, explored and had the time of their lives.

We were so lucky that the sun shone for the whole weekend, which meant we could really make the most of the great outdoors. 

Something about the weekend made me feel very emotional. I guess it reminded me that life as a kid is so different these days. It's easy to let technology take over and that's fine to an extent - I'm realistic about these things - but it also inspired me to make sure they have enough of the good life in their lives. 

By the end of the weekend my children were caked in dirt, straw in their hair, mud under their nails, tummies full, legs tired and heads filled with great memories.

I captured a few of our memories of the weekend in a vlog of our Good Life Experience, if you fancy taking a look [click below].


  1. The good life experience sounds and looks like loads of fun and something I'd definitely enjoy.

  2. It sounds like a lot of fun!
    I am so ready for autumn though - it's my favourite season.

  3. We love leaving technology behind and going camping. This sounds fun :) x

  4. What an amazing weekend. I love weekends like this, technology free and just you and the family. Looks like so much fun. x

  5. Wow this looks like fun! Absolutely loving the flower crown - how gorgeous is that!x

  6. This sounds like a lovely weekend, I love Autumn and snuggling up. But I do love the summer and being able to just leave the house and explore without getting muddy!

  7. It looks like you had a fab weekend and what a lovely way to end Summer! I have to say I'm excited for Autumn and the countdown to Christmas! x

  8. It looks great and also it looks like everyone had a ball. I really wish we would have more events like that nearby.

  9. This sounds like great fun! I really must seek out some more fun activities near me! xo