What to really expect when you're expecting

Thursday, 25 May 2017

As wonderful as pregnancy can be, it's not just a healthy glow and baby flutters. We all know that. You may get thicker, fuller hair and a healthy glow that would give J-Lo a run for her money; but you can also look forward to lightning crotch, leaky boobs and an urgency to pee like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Welcome to the most unpredictable nine months of your life.

I've been pretty fortunate in all four of my pregnancies to be completely honest. I've never suffered from terrible morning sickness or the pain that horrible conditions like SPD can cause. But I have had my share of weird and wonderful symptoms that I was not expecting. At all.

I knew my dignity would go out the window during child birth. I was prepared for that. I was fully braced for some unpleasant poking and prodding from midwifes, not to mention from the inside courtesy of the tiny human that was cooking away in there. But some of the delights I've shared in my pregnancy truths video... yep, I didn't see them coming!

I've left the link below, if you fancy a watch. And I'd love to know what symptoms you experienced during pregnancy that you wish you'd known about before hand.

25 week pregnancy update

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Ah lightning crotch. One of my favourite pregnancy symptoms. To be honest, I'm so behind on publishing my updates here that I probably deserve it!

I really want to have them all here to look back on, as well as on my YouTube channel. So apologies for the pregnancy update spam over the next week or so while I catch up.

Week 25 was definitely a turning point for me - all of a sudden, my energy levels dropped and the pregnancy tiredness was a real struggle! Apart from that, I'm still feeling great and can't complain. Other than the odd case of lightning crotch, which is always a delight. 

My husband did throw a bit of a curve ball this week, with the suggestion that maybe this isn't our last baby after all.... haha, don't worry mum, it is!